Flight Planning

Pinnacle Operations offers the latest in computerized flight planning technology that will save your flight department time and money. We can provide flight plans using customer specific routes, or by optimizing routes utilizing an up to the minute wind data analysis, best temperatures and aircraft performance. Pinnacle Operations has the ability to generate computerized flight plans on today's most popular general aviation aircraft.

With numerous flight-plan formats available, you can rest assured that together we will find a successful combination that will accomplish your all your operational requirements.


In addition to computerized flight plans, Pinnacle Operations also offers the following services:

  • ATC Filings
  • NOTAMs Briefs
  • GPS Status Briefs
  • Optimized Routes
  • Customer Preferred Routes
  • North Atlantic Track Message Briefs

Latest News:

French Riviera

Begin your planning now!

Two major events will be held in May on the French Riviera in 2019. The Cannes Film Festival (May 23-25) and the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (May 23–26). Expect Airport restrictions (including parking) and limited availability of services during these periods. Please submit any request as soon as possible.

Madrid / LEMD

UEFA Champions League Final

Due to the UEFA Champions League Final being held in Madrid on June 1, 2019, all flights requested between May 30 until June 03 must follow the below procedure. All requests must be submitted and coordinated by mid May.

During the above period, EOBT (ETD) on the outbound FP from LEMD must match exactly with the confirmed slot (A-CDM procedures). ATC will not allow departure if a mismatch occurs.

Please also expect high volumes of traffic, limited parking and service availability, together with potential slot delays.

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Nice / LFMN

From 1 Jan, 2019 Aircraft operating into LFMN (IFR) must be equipped with an area nav system in conformity with RNP APCH nav spec as defined by ICAO doc 9613. At least LFMN RNAV A (GNSS) RWY 04 and RNAV D (GNSS) RWY 22 app procedures shall be included in the area nav system database.

The new requirements noted above do not apply to aircraft:

- owned, rented or charted by the French State, and
aircraft belonging to Foreign States.
- Aircraft in emergency situations.
- Aircraft performing medical flights or medical
evacuations. When flight planning permits, operators of
aircraft in the above situations, not meeting the
requirements must notify Nice ATC services of their
intentions with a 24-hour advance notice. This
notification may result in requests for modification of
arrival times in order to optimally integrate the
flights in the air traffic system.
RNP APCH capacity must be included in all IFR flight
plans to Nice Airport (S1 or S2 markers in field number
18 or B marker in Field number 10a).
For the flights that are exempted field number 18 has
to be filled as noted below:
- Flights with a State status: STS/STATE or STS/HEAD
- Medical or evacuation flights: STS/MEDEVAC or STS/HOSP
- Search and rescue flights: STS/SAR
- Fire fighting flights: STS/FFR

Schengen Requirement

Schengen countries require passports to be valid for at least 90 days from the departure date from the country of the traveler. This is a new rule that recently passed and is being enforced by Customs in Switzerland and crew and passengers should be aware if traveling to the other Schengen Countries.

The 26 Schengen countries are -

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.